Take a long lunch, watch the sunset, and open up to the Select moments – the moments you’ll remember.
Life’s better when you take a little time to enjoy yourself with an aperitif in hand.
In Italy, the Aperitivo is a way to open our appetite for flavors, experiences, moments and ideas – like the truly Italian idea that life is meant to be savored. Is it any wonder that the meaning of the Latin verb aprire, the origin word of what we know today as Aperitif, is “to open”?


Contributing to the social and economic revitalization of post-war Venice was a high priority when the Pilla Brothers created Select Aperitivo in 1920.
The name was both intentional and fortuitous; selectus means “to select” in Latin, and Select Aperitivo would become the aperitif of choice for 100 years and counting.
One sip of a Select Spritz and you’ll understand why we wouldn’t dare change the original recipe.